In a nut shell we teach children "Life Skill Tools to make dreams  become a reality.

Role Model
The Arthur Agee JR. Role Model Foundation provides services to the community to support the foundation.

Curriculum Presentations
Hoop Dream Life Skills Course

Stay in School
Live Your Dream
Anti-bullying Program
Cyber Bullying Workshop
Educational Materials

Support for the foundations is also provided through the sales of Hoop Dream collectibles.

Foundation Programs:

Mentorship program

Internship program

Entrepreneurship program

Business program

Health program

Job training program

Ex-felon youth /adult program

We  received a letter from former President Bill Clinton extending his best wishes for our foundation’s success. President Clinton played basketball with Arthur in Arkansas and stated on national television that "Arthur Agee Is a wonderful inspiration and role model to countless Americans.”
The foundation started with one program, The Hoop Dreams Curriculum” designed for 6th, 7th, 8th grade children. The first Curriculum was developed by Paul Cunningham a youth probation officer in Tucson, AZ. For the past six years we have help guide  the youth of Tucson away from the youth correctional facility.

Since the inception of the foundation. Our goal  has been to give back to our community. The same community that nurtured the Hoop Dream of Arthur Agee Jr.

One of the Foundation's projects is to restore the run-down playground where Arthur was first discovered and considered for the Hoop Dreams documentary. on is a pet project of the foundations goals. Having been approved to go ahead with the fundraising activities to support the playground renovation.

We are very excited about the
challenge that lay ahead.
The Arthur Agee Jr, Role Model Foundation

“Helping Dreams Come True”

The Arthur Agee JR. Role Model Foundation has  received funding
from the following companies:

I.B.A. - International Basketball Association -1996
Children’s Memorial Foundation- 1996
The Independent Film Festival- 1998
Peter Gottlieb -1999
Converse Inc. -1999
Slam Magazine- 1999
Legal Architects- 1999
The Tekala Irving Trust -1999
Ariel Capital Management - 2005
The Chicago Bulls -2010
Life Skills Programs.
The Arthur Agee Jr, Role Model Foundation
“Helping Dreams Come True”
President Bill Clinton on Arthur Agee
"Dreams with a plan"
What is a Hoop Dream?
Everyone has  "mind movies "  in their head.  They are your dreams.and visions. Hoop Dreams are your "personal mind movies" about sports, basketball, a job, a career, going to college, anything you truly think  you want to achieve in life.Dreams need a "game" plan in order to become a reality... That what the Foundation is all about.
"Building Life Skills...
between your ears to make Dreams become reality"
About Arthur Agee JR. Role Model Foundation:

The Arthur Agee JR. Role Model Foundation was founded by Arthur Agee the star of the movie Hoop Dreams and Hoop reality. The Foundation  is a registered nonprofit organization dedicated to building "Life Skill Tools to make dreams become a reality.”

Who we work with

The AAJRMF works with students, athletes, teachers, coaches, parents, schools and organizations by teaching basic motivation and life skills to deal life challenges children face during formative years.

The Foundation reaches out to the community with a “dreams to reality message" that combines "mind-movies" with life skills to help them become real. The Foundation workshops provide children with tools to stay in school and maintain “Control if Their Own Destiny.”

Tools to Grow
Every child needs the tools to respond to life’s challenges and help to teach problem solving.

The foundation is based on the premise that given encouragement, motivation and “life skill tools" the children can build self-confidence to turn their dreams into reality and achieve personal growth.

Having good life skills increases the likelihood that they will better meet peer pressure and challenges of l alcohol, drugs, tobacco, bullies, violence and gangs.

Our goal is to provide use the “Positive
Life Skills development Curriculum” to overcome negative life styles.

We believe the influence from positive role models, high self-esteem, founded confidence are the tools to children need to make their dreams... a reality. Help build, "life successes."

The Foundation seeks the support of positive role models to share their stories of how another role model helped guide them. We believe sharing those stories is important and that everyone can make a difference in a
child’s life.
What else do we do...?